Dementia/Alzhemier: Physical Therapy- So Important in Caring For the Dementia Patient

March 11, 2010 at 1:47 am Leave a comment

It is very important for dementia patients to remain as active as they can. Remaining active can prevent the patient from becoming weak and bedridden. It also can help with keeping the brain more active and alert. This can prolong the time your loved one can stay at home and delay becoming a nursing home resident. A physical therapist is trained in dealing with dementia patients and the time during which therapy occurs can give the caregiver a break.

Some families might find it better for the physical therapist to come to the home, while other patients can go to outpatient facilities. Some dementia patients will not be cooperative but a simple walk with a therapist can do wonders. Every patient will have to be evaluated by your physical therapist to see what type of exercise regimen would be best suited for your loved one.

It is important to try to encourage any type of exercise to strengthen your loved one’s muscles and prevent atrophy. Even if the only exercise your loved one is capable of doing is just sitting at the edge of a bed and raising and lowering her legs or clapping her hands. Just remember that any activity is better than no activity at all and your physical therapist is trained to help your with this.


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