Safety in the Home

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It is very important to protect your loved one from accidents that might happen in the home. Protecting your family and yourself should be your number one priority. There are many risk factors in your home that can be easily eliminated.  It is imperative that nothing is left on the floor for risk of someone not seeing it and tripping over it. Keep all paths clear by removing clutter and even furniture that might be in the way. For example, the pathway from the bed to the bathroom should always be clear which will avoid accidents from occurring at night. Make sure that all throw rugs are secure so that your loved one will not slip on them. Always supply proper lighting throughout the house so accidents can be avoided. Each year 1.6 million adults are treated in emergency rooms for fall related injuries. Make sure that all carpeting is tacked properly down. There should be no nails or loose carpeting around the house. Slippery floors can be a risk hazard, especially wet slippery floors that might be present in the bathroom. Use rugs that have secure bottoms in bathrooms. Bathrooms should have grab bars in tubs and showers. Dementia patients, especially ones who have tremors, might have difficulty getting around and safety is extremely important.  Examine your home, and make the proper adjusts, so your home is fall preventative for you and your loved one. Make sure that all steps have handrails which are firmly attached. All stairways should be brightly lit at the top and bottom. Nightlights are also a good investment for hallways and bathrooms. Make sure that all light fixtures can be turned on easily before entering the room. There should be a light switch by each door, so your loved one can enter each room safely. Make sure that all tables are stable and can support weight if your loved one leans against it. Coffee tables can be dangerous because they are low and your loved on can fall into it or bang against it. Any low-lying objects can be a hazard. Bathrooms can be dangerous rooms due to water which can cause slippery conditions. Your loved ones feet are very important and routine visits to a podiatrist can be very helpful.  Make sure that shoes have good support and have non-slip soles. Always remember that safety is of the upmost important.


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