Quick Medical Updates

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Importance of Music

            Research has shown that listening to music is very important for your loved one suffering with this illness.  The ability to appreciate music comes from a part of the brain that dementia/Alzheimer’s is not affected.  Music from their younger years would probably be soothing and calming for them.


Fish Oil Capsules

            It appears by different clinical studies that patients taking Omega-3 capsules (fish oil) does not seem to have an affect on this disease.



            Research suggests that mastering a second language can delay getting Alzheimer’s later in life.  The research shows that the delay can be up to 4-5 years later than those speaking only one language.


Aricept 23mg

            A larger dose of Aricept is available- 23mg.  Discuss with your doctor if is this is beneficial for your loved one.


Parkinson’s Disease Associated With Dementia/Alzheimer’s

            Some of your loved ones may develop Parkinson’s Disease.  There is a percentage of patients in which this occurs.  It is possible it is due to an adverse reaction to their medications.  Another explanation is that it is just a progression of the disease.  Consult your physician for advice.


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