Be Aware of Medications Changes upon Hospital Admission

November 10, 2012 at 6:49 pm Leave a comment

     When your loved one is being admitted to a hospital make sure to bring all his/her medications. The reason for this is to ensure that the patient will get his medication and not a substitute for the medication. These days many hospitals carry only limited drugs to save money and the pharmacist can therapeutically change the medication for another one.  For example, if your loved one is on the Exelon patch for dementia, and the doctor writes the order for this medication, the pharmacy has the right to change this medication to another one in the same class, if the pharmacy does not carry it. The one thing we must stress is that medications should not be changed because the medication is not available in the pharmacy. This is not fair to the patient. The doctor is usually not even aware of the change.  As pharmacists we feel that medication is patient specific and every patient tolerates each medication differently. If your loved patient is stable on his medication please bring the medication with you to the hospital.  The medication will be brought to the pharmacy and identified and stored there.  It will then be dispensed to the patient. The doctor must write patient can take own medication on the order.  Do not forget upon discharge to have the nurse get the medication from the pharmacy to take home.   This ensures that the patient will have the proper care.


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