Pray for The Children of a Dementia Parent

When we look into your beautiful eyes

We see what others do not or care not to understand and see

We see you struggling for your life and the sadness we know you feel

After all, we are your daughters and who loves you more than we



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Importance of Carrying an Updated Medication Card

It is very important for both you and your loved one to carry current medication cards with you at all times.  These cards will be able to make visits to doctors and hospitals much easier.  Please make copies of the following card and cut down to proper size to fit in wallet.  Card can be covered with tape or lamented.


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Alzheimer/Dementia: Tremors

Some of the medications that dementia patients take can cause tremors.  These are side effects of the medications, and never discontinue any medication for your loved one without consulting your physician. As disturbing as these tremors can be, there are ways to work with them. Physical therapy and occupational therapy are very important.


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Dementia/Alzheimer: The Importance of Clinical Trials

There are many clinical trials available for people with dementia/Alzheimer’s Disease.  Almost every state has studies going on and most will pay for travel and medical expenses.  The problem is a lot of people are afraid to involve their loved ones in these studies.  While it might be true that a cure will not be perfected in time with those involved in the study, it does help gather information and hopefully treatments for the next generation.


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Alzheimer/Dementia: The Caregiver Burnout

The care of a dementia patient is a twenty four hour a day job. You wake up with the work and worry, you eat with the work and worry, you spend your day dealing with the work and worry, and you sleep dreaming about the work and the worry. Sleeping is restless and full of anxiety and worry. The Caregiver has a very stressful job. Taking care of a dementia patient is very difficult and frustrating. (more…)

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Alzheimer/Dementia: When a Family Decides to Place Patient in Long Term Care Facility

Patient is a 78 year old Caucasian female with a past medical history of Alzheimer’s /Dementia and Non-Hodgkin’s B cell lymphoma of right breast and bladder in remission since 1 year ago whose daughter complains that the chemotherapeutic regimen which included Adriamycin, Rituxan, Cytoxan, and Vincristine worsened her mother’s Dementia. (more…)

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Alzheimer/Dementia: Dosing and Dealing With Side Effects

The medications used to treat dementia/Alzheimer’s can produce side effects in people that make them discontinue using them. There are certain small changes that can be done to lessen the side effects.

The first line of medications in treating this disorder is a class of drugs known as the Cholinesterase Inhibitors. These medications block the breakdown of acetylcholine, thus, increasing the amount of it in the brain. This increase in the brain should improve cognitive function. (more…)

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